31 Oct 14

Purton: A Lesser Redpoll and a Grey Wagtail over the garden early this morning. (Jon Mercer)

Aldbourne: Highlights of an excellent 2 hour walk Aldbourne were 2 Red Kite, 1 Hen Harrier, 2 Buzzard, 10+ Herring Gull, 400+ Lesser Black-backed Gull, Green Woodpecker, dozens of Skylarks, Meadow Pipit, 11 Redwing, 1 Song Thrush, 5 Goldcrest, Chaffinch, Goldfinch, Bullfinch, Corn Bunting and 3 Yellowhammer. Also seen 5 Red Admiral, Drone Flies, a Noon Fly and wasps sp. More on my Blog Here. (Martin Adlam)

Red Kite (Martin Adlam)

Corn Bunting (Martin Adlam)

Drone Fly and a Noon Fly (Martin Adlam)

Coate Water: Today a Kingfisher flying and landing at Hide 2. Also a Grey Wagtail feeding with a Jay and Goldfinch. There was also a female Pintail just right of the hide. A first for me at Coate was this Fallow Deer feeding with the sheep in the bottom field. (Tony Martin)

Grey Wagtail (Tony Martin)

Fallow Deer (Tony Martin)

Fallow Deer (Tony Martin)

Fallow Deer (Tony Martin)

CWP Pit 305: 2 Peregrine, 1 Little Egret and Greenshank. More on CWP Website Here. (Laurie Pearce)

30 Oct 14

Coate Water: This afternoon 2 Kingfishers, 2 Little Grebes, 5 Great Crested Grebes, 4 Grey Herons, Gadwall, Teal, Shoveler, Mallard and Tufted Ducks. (Graham Cox)

Kingfisher (Graham Cox)

Kingfisher (Graham Cox)

Kingfisher (Graham Cox)

Kingfisher (Graham Cox)

Kingfisher (Graham Cox)

Nythe: At first light this morning there were quite a few birds passing overhead, presumably from roosts. They included Pied Wagtails, Grey Wagtails, Jackdaws, Starlings, Black-headed Gulls and Redwing. Mid-afternoon a huge flock of 21 Long-tailed Tits passed through the back garden and in the sun 4 very mobile Red Admirals. This evening a Sparrowhawk flew over the house and I managed some good numbers of Pied Wagtails going to roost with 58 recorded, plus 4 Redwing. More on my Blog Here. (Martin Adlam)

29 Oct 14

Chiseldon: Skylark and Corn Bunting singing. c30 Lapwing. (Malcolm Royal)

Wroughton Reservoir: 7 Little Grebe. (Malcolm Royal)

Froxfield: 3 Green Sandpiper, 2 Little Egret, Heron, Grey Wagtail, Pied Wagtail and 21 Lesser Black-backed Gulls. (Malcolm Royal)

Chilton Foliat: Around 100 Mallard, 25-30 Gadwall, 5 Little Grebe, Heron, Cormorant and 4 Wrens.

The small woodland next to the Wide Water is in the process of being cleared. No idea why but a shame to lose it. (Malcolm Royal)
Location of clearance Here.

Woodland clearance next to Wide Water (Malcolm Royal)

The woodland before the clearance. (Courtesy of Google Earth)

Axford: Grey Wagtail and Kingfisher. (Malcolm Royal)

Nythe: This evening a small westerly passage of 11 Pied Wagtails heading off to roost. At 4:00pm, as I passed Dorcan Academy, 60+ gulls mainly Black-headed with a few Lesser Black-backed Gulls and Herring Gulls took off from the playing field and as I pulled up in front of the house, they passed over the house heading north. (Martin Adlam)

28 Oct 14

Rockley Down: Red Kite (Robin Griffiths)

Nythe: Tonight there was a bit more directness with the Pied Wagtail flights over the house with 16 heading north and 6 heading west towards Greenbridge. Other birds heading off to roost to the north were 2 Greenfinch and 2 Chaffinch. Gull numbers were very poor with only 8 birds counted between 4:30pm and 5:00pm. (Martin Adlam)

Lower Stratton: Quite a few Lacewings are visiting the house in the evenings. (Ewa Niskanen)

Lacewing (Ewa Niskanen)

Lacewing (Ewa Niskanen)

27 Oct 14

Froxfield: Two each of Red Kite, Heron and Little Egret. (Malcolm Royal)

Nythe: Early this morning several Redwing passed over the estate and mid-afternoon there was a very active Red Admiral flying around the garden. This evening at 4:40pm another flock of 50+ Redwing flew west towards Greenbridge. Not sure where the Pied Wagtails are roosting tonight as there were several parties of up to 4 heading E, SE, ESE, and W towards Greenbridge at around 5:00pm. Other birds heading off to roost, were 3 or 4 Greenfinches and 30+ gulls heading north. Bringing in the washing tonight I came across what I believe to be a Parent BugElasmucha grisea attached to a towel. (Martin Adlam)

Parent Bug, Elasmucha grisea (Martin Adlam)

Parent Bug, Elasmucha grisea (Martin Adlam)

Note: Thank you to Nigel Sluman for the identification of the Parent Bug above.

26 Oct 14

Blakehill: 3 Stonechats, c40 Redwings, a Fieldfare, 5 Mistle Thrushes, 3 Song Thrushes, 3 Blackbirds, 4 Reed Buntings and c18 Meadow Pipits. (Robin Griffiths)

Aldbourne: There were 4 Buzzards over a field near Aldbourne and a Red Kite in the village itself. (Felicity Cobb)

Barbury Castle: This afternoon 4 Red Kites (a site first for me), 2 Kestrels, BuzzardPied Wagtail, 2 Yellowhammers, and male Chaffinch. (Richard Williams)

Coate Water: I managed 29 species from Hide 2 just before dark today. Highlights were Kingfisher and a Grey Wagtail family. (Jim Day)

Kingfisher (Jim Day)

Kingfisher (Jim Day)

Grey Wagtail (Jim Day)

Grey Wagtail (Jim Day)

25 Oct 14

Haydon End: Not much in the trap last night in the garden: Light Brown Apple Moth x3, Garden Rose Tortrix and Snout. Also 3 Limnephilus lunatus Caddis Flies. This morning I also came across a November Moth agg. in the garden. (Nigel Sluman)

Toothill: During an RSPB style garden birdwatch this morning I saw really good numbers of House Sparrows (21) and Starlings (26). Not too much variety with other birds seen being Magpie (5), Carrion Crow (2), Rook (2), Jackdaw (1), Wood Pigeon (2), Collared Dove (2) and Robin (1). More on my garden trends on the Readers Corner Here. (Richard Williams)

Stanton Park / Stratton Wood: Water Rail, Green Woodpecker, Redwing or two, Grey Wagtail and a couple of Marsh Tits. (Robin Griffiths)

Nightingale Wood: Blackcap, 30 Song Thrush, 40 Redwing and Grey Wagtail. (Phil & Graham Deacon)

LawnRed Admiral seen again today, for the second day running in the garden. (Felicity Cobb)

Coate Water: Highlight of a long walk around the main lake was seeing a poor unfortunate Field Vole being caught by a Grey Heron. Also seen Little Grebe, Gadwall, Wigeon, Tufted Duck, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Chiffchaff, Goldcrest, Jay and a Wood Mouse. More on my Blog Here. (Martin Adlam)

Wigeon, Gadwall and Coot (Martin Adlam)

Grey Squirrel (Martin Adlam)

Also at Coate Water, I hoped to to see the Kingfisher luckily I did and I also saw the Jay and a Grey Wagtail. (Harry King)

Kingfisher (Harry King)

Kingfisher (Harry King)

Kingfisher (Harry King)

Kingfisher (Harry King)

Jay (Harry King)

Grey Wagtail (Harry King)

24 Oct 14

Purton: A lovely autumn morning. A Grey Wagtail on the garage roof at Purton briefly this morning then flew east. (Jon Mercer)

Nythe: This evening, what I think is a Beautiful Plume moth, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla flew into the kitchen. (Martin Adlam)

A Beautiful Plume moth. (Martin Adlam)

Coate Water: Plenty of Hornets at the moment and I managed a few shots this morning close to the causeway bridge with a close-up photos on my Flickr page Here. (Maurice Carne)

Nightingale Wood: 4 Jays, Green Woodpecker, 3 Great Spotted Woodpecker, 6 Goldcrest, several Bullfinches, Song Thrush, 5 Fieldfare, 8 Redwing, Skylark, 2 Buzzard and Snipe. (Malcolm Royal)

Great Spotted Woodpecker (Malcolm Royal)

Wroughton Reservoir: 3 Little Grebe, 5 Gadwall, Tufted Duck, Mallard, Coot, Moorhen, Mute Swan and 49 Lapwing. (Malcolm Royal)

Rove's Farm: In the 'Den Building' area I managed to find a few fungi - Silver Leaf (Chondrostereum purpureum), Blushing Bracket (Daedaleopsis confragosa) and Goldleaf Shield Mushroom (Pluteus romellii). A few lichen - Xanthoria parietina, Lecidella elaeochroma, a Physcia sp. and a Lecanora sp.
I also found a Toad and a Field Vole. (Nigel Sluman)

Silver Leaf, Chondrostereum purpureum. (Nigel Sluman)

Blushing Bracket, Daedaleopsis confragosa. (Nigel Sluman)

Goldleaf Shield Mushroom, Pluteus romellii. (Nigel Sluman)

Xanthoria parietina. (Nigel Sluman)

Xanthoria parietina. (Nigel Sluman)

Lecidella elaeochroma. (Nigel Sluman)

Lecanora sp. (Nigel Sluman)

Physcia sp. (Nigel Sluman)

Moss sp. (Nigel Sluman)

Field Vole. (Nigel Sluman)

Toad. (Nigel Sluman)

23 Oct 14

Coate Water: Had a walk around the lake today looking for fungi. Not much to see but I did find Agaricus urinascens, and a nice example of Shaggy Scalycap (Pholiota squarrosa). A few birds noted including Nuthatch, Great Tit, Blue Tit, Robin, Marsh Tit and c10 Long-tailed Tits along Broome Manor Lane. Also seen several Hornets feeding on the ivy. (Maurice Carne)

Agaricus urinascens (Maurice Carne)

Shaggy Scalycap, Pholiota squarrosa (Maurice Carne)

Hornet (Maurice Carne)

Hornet (Maurice Carne)

22 Oct 14

CWP pit 74 from Twitcher's Gate and CWP pit 95: (8:30am - 9:00am) Goldeneye (m), Sparrowhawk (f), 3 Lapwing west, 50+ Wood Pigeon south and 70+ on the ground, 14 Goldfinch, 4 Chaffinch, 9 Blackbird, mixed Long-tailed Tit & Blue Tit flock and Green Woodpecker. Also 9 Rabbits and a Grey Squirrel. (Nigel Sluman)

Marlborough: A Ring-necked Parakeet. (Sally Elstub)

Coate: 91 Lapwing. (Caroline Street, Liz Stephens)

21 Oct 14

Haydon End: I had a Beautiful Plume moth, Amblyptilia acanthadactyla in the house for the last few days, it looks like it's made its home here. (Nigel Sluman)

Nythe: This Grey Heron was eyeing up my fish pond from a neighbours house, fortunately the strong wind put him off from landing in the garden. Also seen today a Red Admiral and 2 Drone Flies. (Martin Adlam)

Grey Heron struggling to stay on the roof in the strong wind. (Martin Adlam)

Stanton Park: Today we went looking for fungi, but saw very little but we did come across Flat Oysterling (Crepidotus applanatus) and Stump Puffballs just before we got back to the car park. (Marlene Finlayson and Maurice Carne)

Stump Puffballs (Marlene Finlayson)

Stump Puffballs (Maurice Carne)

Flat Oysterling (Maurice Carne)

Coate Water: With so many Horse Chestnut trees suffering from the leaf miner moth, I decided to take a closer look. On inspection the infection can be seen as a dark patch. Scraping the top surface away reveals a semi transparent patch which contains the leaf miner larva.
Further inspection under the microscope shows the tiny developing moth, approximately 3mm long and 1mm in diameter. Unfortunately I cannot photograph through my microscope, but have a very low resolution top and bottom view for identification purposes. (Maurice Carne)

Leaf Miner moth developing (Maurice Carne)

Leaf Miner moth developing (Maurice Carne)

Also at Coate Water. This afternoon, c250 Canada Geese, at least 30 Mute Swans, Gadwall, Wigeon, Shoveler, Teal, Little Egret, 21 Cormorant, 2 Grey Wagtails and Sparrowhawk. (Malcolm Royal)

Swindon: In my garden just as the light was fading, a Sparrowhawk flew in and perched in a tree for a few moments. Managed a rushed record shot through the closed window. (Maurice Carne)

Sparrowhawk (Maurice Carne)