1st May 2017

Blakehill Farm NR

2 Wheatears, Garden Warbler, 4 Ravens (probably a family), Reed Bunting, 3 Lesser Whitethroats, 4 Common Whitethroats and 2 Hares chasing each other

(Robin Griffiths)

Coate Water

Maurice Carne
Turnstone showing well at Coate Water this morning.

Turnstone (Maurice Carne)

Turnstone (Maurice Carne)

Turnstone (Maurice Carne)

Steve Covey
The Turnstone was still present at Coate Water ranging along the dam wall shore until dusk. Seemed quite settled and very unfazed by people. The same couldn't be said about the local swans and geese which kept harassing it - but did give me the chance for a quick in-flight shot!

The Turnstone eyeballing Coate (Steve Covey)

Turnstone (Steve Covey)

Turnstone (Steve Covey)

Turnstone (Steve Covey)

The Turnstone in flight (Steve Covey)

CWP Pit 74

Andrew Whittaker
2 Black Terns viewed from Twitchers Gate here, later flew off. Via CWP Blog Here

Robin Griffiths
Sandwich Tern flew west over the pit, didn't linger just went straight on, c10:30am also at least 4 Common Terns, Nightingale etc.

CWP Pit 87

Greenshank, 3 Little Ringed Plover & 5 Common Sandpiper. Via CWP Blog Here

(Nigel Pleass)


The only moth last night was a lovely Lime Hawk-moth, Mimas tiliae - only my second for the garden!

(Robin Griffiths)

Lime Hawk-moth (Robin Griffiths)

Hackpen Hill

Watched a Swift flying from Hackpen Hill towards Barbury about midday and a Common Whitethroat in the Rape seed field.

(Alan McCluskie)

Common Whitethroat (Alan McCluskie)


11 species in the moth trap. NFY were:

Buff Ermine, Spilosoma lutea
Pale Tussock, Calliteara pudibunda
Marbled Minor agg., Oligia sp

(Steve Nash)

Buff Ermine (Steve Nash)

Mouldon Hill Country Park

Highlights of an excellent early morning walk were 2 possibly 3 Cuckoos, 2 Swifts, at least 3 Lesser Whitethroats and a Common Sandpiper. More on the Swindonbirder Blog Here.

(Richard Williams, Nigel Sluman, Matt Pringle and Martin Adlam)

Sedge Warbler (Martin Adlam)

Little Egret (Martin Adlam)


A very vocal Tawny Owl flew over the house at 2:33am this morning.

(Martin Adlam)

Savernake Forest

Redstart, Garden Warbler, Cuckoo. Via WOS Site Here

(Tony Reader)