Please visit the new blog at the following address:


How it works: (A mix of both options is possible)

Option 1: Sightings can be emailed to me at swindon.birds.sightings@gmail.com this is the same as before (this new software is much more user friendly and takes less time to get a post together)

Option 2: I can add members to the blog as authors, where you can then add your own posts (doing this is as easy as sending an email to me (which I then copy and paste) I am happy to show you how to do this. We have created a help sheet and I can send it to people who are interested.

Here is the link for the new blog https://swindonbirdandwildlife.wordpress.com.

If you wish to email your sightings please email them here: swindon.birds.sightings@gmail.com

Thanks Carl